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  • Q : The difference between the lcd and led ?

    A : The mouth of the consumer in a number of display , the LCD ( Liquid Crystal Display

    short) generally refers to the liquid crystal display ; LED generally refers to the liquid

    crystal display with LED backlight . Get lcd and led different types of both to compare

    itself is not appropriate .

      In the current market , the liquid crystal display is divided into two categories, one

    is a traditional CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent tube) , LCD monitor , the other is the use

    of LED (light emitting diode) backlit LCD display . Many consumers directly to the first

    class display , called LCDs, second type of display known as LED . If the representation is

    incorrect , but it does widespread .

      For many consumers , " the difference between LCD and LED , in fact, the real contrast

    is the difference between LED -backlit LCD display with traditional CCFL backlit LCD

    display .

      LED backlight in the civilian level display market has replaced the traditional CCFL

    backlight trend , following the author from the perspective of the advantages and

    disadvantages between the two set out to introduce two backlight .

    To LED backlighting advantages and disadvantages


    1. screen can do thinner pay attention to see some of the liquid crystal display , you can

    see lined with a few filamentous CCFL to make the screen even light, also need to add some

    other device , so that you could not do thin ; backlight on different LED backlight itself

    is a planar light-emitting materials , without adding other devices .

    2. will not yellow , darken the CCFL fluorescent lamps and fluorescent lamps , a long time

    aging, the traditional notebook screens yellow dimmed in two or three years , the life of

    the LED backlit screen is more , at least two three times.

    3. more energy-efficient LED is a semiconductor at low pressure , simple structure , low

    power consumption .

    4. More mercury in the green CCFL lights on the environment a lot of pollution , Sound

    Recycling of great difficulties .


      1.Relatively high prices in the case of the same specifications with the traditional

    CCFL backlight display difference between $ 100-300 .

      To the CCFL backlight, the advantages and disadvantages


      1.For a long time to market , the technology is relatively mature

      2.The color is more stable, professional-grade monitor is still using the

      3.Relatively low prices


      1.Relatively short life . CCFL backlight life in general for 15,000 hours to 25,000

    hours , after 2 to 3 years of use , the LCD screen will be dark yellow, this is the the

    CCFL shorter service life of defects caused by.

      2.Complex structure, and poor uniformity of light output . All white or all black

    screen is displayed , the screen edges and center brightness difference is very obvious.


      4.Higher power consumption and heat large

      Simply put , LCD and LED are two different display technologies , LCD is composed of

    liquid crystal display , and LED light-emitting diodes display . LED display with CCFL

    display , LED brightness, power consumption, body size, life , have an advantage , CCFL

    backlight color performance and price advantage . More detailed understanding of the

    difference , but also talking about the principle of CCFL and LED .

      CCFL backlight principle

      CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp ) backlight physical inert gases Ne + Ar gas

    mixture composition is enclosed within a glass tube , which contains a trace of mercury

    vapor (several mg ) , and the phosphor coating on the glass wall.Works by secondary

    electron emission , began to discharge tube mercury or inert gas by electron impact ,

    inspire radiation 253.7nm UV light when high voltage is applied to the tube ends , tube

    electrode of the high-speed crash of a small number of electronic UV excitation , the

    phosphor coating in the pipe wall and produce visible light .CCFL Lamp life is generally

    defined as : the ambient temperature of 25 ° C , the rated current drive the lamps , the

    brightness reduced to 50% of the length of the working time of the initial brightness of

    lamp life . LCD TV backlight nominal life of 60,000 hours . CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent

    Lamp) backlight is characterized by low-cost , color performance is less than the LED

    backlight .

      Principles of LED backlight

    LED backlight with light-emitting diodes as a backlight source . Light-emitting diodes made

    of several layers of thin adulterated semiconductor material with a layer of excess

    electrons , and another layer of the lack of electrons form a positively charged holes ,

    work when the current through the combination of electrons and holes , the extra energy

    while the optical radiation in the form of release . Can be obtained by using different

    semiconductor material different light-emitting properties of light-emitting diodes .
    Has been put into commercial applications of light-emitting diodes can provide red, green,

    blue, green , orange , amber, white and other colors . Phone use white LED backlighting ,

    LED backlights used in LCD TV can be white , red , green , blue three primary colors ,

    multicolor LED backlight in the high-end products can also be applied to further improve

    color performance , such as the six primary color LED backlighting . The advantages of

    using LED backlight is thinner, about 5 cm , a very wide color gamut , and can reach 105%

    of the NTSC color gamut , black luminous flux can be reduced to 0.05 lumens , and thus make

    the LCD TV contrast up to 10,000:1 . At the same time , LED backlighting also has a life

    span of 100,000 hours .

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